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Article by: Bars in Spain S.L. contactus@barsinspain.com Published: 14/12/2007

Bars in Spain...Who are we?

Commercial Property and Business Transfers

Bars in Spain is the premier Franchised Network on the Costa del Sol specialising in the sale of Bars, Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants, Shops (Locals), Industrial and Commercial properties, as well as Hotels, Sports and Leisure Centers. We are therefore best placed to help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether it is a pub or bar, an internet cafe, a retail outlet, an industrial or office unit or a tennis centre!

And even in the unlikely event that we don´t have exactly what you are looking for today, then we will find it for you, either through our search and selection programme, our Extensive Database or via our Affiliate Programme.

Residential Property

Additionally Bars in Spain can help you find the perfect Residential property.

Whether buying, renting or selling a property Bars in Spain can help you.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of property... From reasonably priced Apartments, Town Houses, Villas and Country HousesCountry to Luxurious Property and Land...Bars in Spain can help you find your dream home. And of course we´ll work with you to ensure your residential property plans fit in with your business plans.

We are also pleased to provide a "Total Relocation" service to our clients as, from experience, we have found that irrespective of how much research people do before coming to live or work in Spain, it is never enough!

It is only once you arrive here that you may find out how difficult it can be to source all sorts of items and services and also how long things can take to 'actually happen'!! This is one of the reasons why we have added a Directories Section in our website to help you find a whole host of different services including bars, entertainment, staff or even events!


We will also help you with all the necessary paperwork needed to settle into your new life in Spain so that you can start enjoying the wonderful climate and the greatly enhanced quality of life without any worries.

Bars in Spain can help you with issues such as setting up a bank account, getting your N.I.E. (Identification Number for Foreigners), applying for your Residency Card, changing your car's U.K. plates to Spanish plates...and much more!

Bars in Spain and The Media

We also enjoy working with the media, and have featured regularly on the popular 'Costa Clinic' show on Octopus FM as well as Coast and Country FM (CCFM Radio), giving specialist advice to people considering buying a business or property on the Costa del Sol. We also contribute articles giving information and advice about working in Spain to both the National and International Press.

At Bars in Spain, our personnel have many years of Business Experience both here in Spain, in the UK and also internationally, which means that we can genuinely help you with the whole process of moving to and buying a business or property here in Spain.

Why Choose Us?

Good question! The key reasons are as follows:

At Bars in Spain we understand 'Business', not just the Real Estate business and all the laws and licensing issues here on the Costa, but we understand how businesses work and what is required to make each individual business successful.

So unlike many other agents who will try to find you a property, pocket their commission and move on to the next client, we will work with you, if required, to help you create and maintain a successful business.

As one of the fastest growing Commercial Real Estate Companies in Spain, we can show you all types of commercial properties. We currently have offices located in the Costa del Sol, Inland Andalucia and The Canary Islands, and as part of our planned Franchise program will be opening other offices along the coast from Nerja to Sotogrande and throughout the rest of coastal Spain.

Our experts have a great deal of business experience across different industry sectors including Real Estate, Information Technology, Communications, Retail, Education, Business Development, Entertainment and the Media, with an extensive range of associated business skills.

This means we can help you research the market for the type of business or property you require. We can help you with both personal and / or business re-location to or from Spain, we can deal with all the numerous legal issues you will face when coming to live and work in Spain and most importantly we can help you to find the ...

The Right Property ..............at The Right Price.

Once you have found your business, be it a bar, shop or internet cafe, we can help you to make it more successful and profitable.

When you arrive here in Spain you will find yourself in a new and different environment, with different laws and customs, different culture and a different language, it is difficult to know who to call and who to trust, which is why we are constantly building a Database of Suppliers with products and services that are honest, reliable and fair in their approach to business and more importantly to our clients.

Finally, we pride ourselves on providing as many new and useful services as possible, not just for the bar owner but for the customer too. Our New Directory and Feature Services are designed to help and interest locals and tourists as well as professionals and customers by allowing people to find out more about the Bar Industry on the Costa Del Sol, and Bar owners to have a site where they can find and feed information and indeed help one another!

In summary then ..........

"Bars in Spain is a Professional and Friendly Business staffed with Real People who are Motivated and Trained to provide Total Solutions for YOU.....Our Clients"


External Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=105

Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=105

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