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Article by: Ana Maria contato@markland.com.br Published: 14/03/2008

In the last few years, Paraiba´s scenery has changed at a frenetic rhythm. Constructions worth millions destined to accommodate luxury hotels, modern shopping malls, residential apartments and single family unit complexes, entertainment businesses like restaurants, golf clubs, etc. Projects and mega projects populate the capital, João Pessoa and surrounding areas, which is filled with towers and projects, although this development is not privative of the capital city or the coast, but it has extended to all of the corners of the country.

There are many motives that can explain this phenomenon. The country is a privileged enclave that, with its beautiful beaches in Southeast Coast, forests, lakes, rivers, adds to that a warm climate, the absence of natural catastrophes like hurricanes or earthquakes and an interesting architectural and cultural richness inherited from its indigenous tribes and from its colonial past.

Nonetheless, these characteristics are not exclusive to the area. So, what does Paraiba have that sets it apart from other places?

Paraiba´s government is creating a series of measures like investing in modern infrastructure, good communications and transportation systems, an excellent level of security and low cost of living. All of this, plus the cordial treatment of the people give visitors, and make Paraíba an authentic paradise in every way.

The Governor of Paraiba, Cassio Cunha Lima announced begin of 2007, the first of many scale large investments at Municipe of Pitimbu, in Paraiba.

Municipe of Pitimbu has the most beautiful beaches of the coast (Praia Bela, Barra do Abíaí and several others). The degree of ambient preservation and the privileged localization are an invitation to know and admire them.

Pitimbu is a stunning fishing village, reminiscent of an exclusive Caribbean retreat, 60 Km further south of João Pessoa. Until recently, Pitimbu had been virtually untouched by foreign investment. However, the recent announcement of R$2 billion of investment by the Marriot Group - Golf Marine Resort and the Coconut Beach Resort means that this quiet fishing village as well all surrounding areas, are about to become one of the hottest property prospects in North East Brazil.

Just The Golf Marine Resort, will be built at Pitimbu on the South Coast of Paraiba – 2.4 Km of Beachfront – 344 hectares - comprise of three luxury hotels, two golf courses, a heliport, marina and a convention center. There will be shops, restaurants, a health resort, equestrian center, and several other features beyond the construction of villages and bungalows. Construction will start very soon.

The Governor of Paraiba has agreed on a program of state investment to improve roads and other infrastructures to the new developments and is 100% behind of these investments program.

Is Brazil a safe country?

One of the urban myths that surround Brazil is the question of safety and security. In fact, Brazil is no more dangerous than the main cities in Europe or North America.

Most of the bad press about violence in Brazil, relates to the gangs operating in the slums in Rio and Sao Paulo, which are both several hours away by plane. Even in these mega cities, most of the crime is between the gangs and crime against tourists is extremely rare. Being sensible and streetwise is the key to trouble free and enjoyable stay anywhere in the world, including Brazil.

The northeast – Paraiba - is well known for being a very safe and relaxed area and is 3 hours by plane from Sao Paulo to Recife, PE or 4 hours to Natal. In addition, João Pessoa is officially considered the safest state capital in Brazil..

Brazilians are further known to be very friendly people and it is extremely rare to see aggressive behavior from the Brazilians. In fact, what you will see more than anywhere else in the world is a lot of smiling and dancing!!

What’s the climate like?

The seasonal variations are very small. Most of the year the day temperature is around 30 degrees and the night temperature rarely falls below 24 degrees. The annual average temperature is approx 27 degrees (includes day & night temperatures).

April to June is considered “rainy season” and during this period it rains intensely for a few hours after which the sun comes out again. Even during this time, the night temperature never drops below 24 degrees. The rest of the year is very sunny and the climate is dry and there is always a refreshing tropical breeze from the sea which makes the temperature feel even more pleasant.

The sea water temperature is equally warm and is approx. 26 degrees all year.

Paraíba Property Investments - When will be good time to buy?

Now would be a great time to buy in Brazil and to wait for 5 years or so to capitalize on the growth. The peak of the growth has not yet occurred and so this is an important consideration.


External Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=117

Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=117

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