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Article by: mary@firstaidforall.co.uk (Mary Dunkerley) Published: 28/06/2009

Changes coming in October 2009. Keep up to date on First Aid Training in The Workplace. Visit the news section of our website and we'll keep you informed.

From 1st October 2009 employers will be able to send prospective first aiders on either:

a full 3 day course in First Aid at work(FAW) or

a 1 day course in Emergency First Aid at Work(EFAW)

Selecting the appropriate course will depend on the circumstances of the workplace and will be informed by the findings of the employers first aid needs assessment.

A 3 year certificate will be issued to those who successfully complete an FAW or EFAW course.

During any 3 year period, first aiders should undertake annual refresher training(3 hours) at the end of year 1 and 2 to update their skills and prevent skills fade.

At the end of year 3 it will be necessary to requalify :

FAW a 2 day requalification course which will be assessed by external assessors.

EFAW a 1 day requalification course which will be continually assessed by the trainer.


Detailed guidance for employers will be available as a revision of the current document produced by HSE: FIRST AID AT WORK--The Health and Safety(First Aid) Regulations 1981--Approved Code of Practice and and Guidance(L74). HSE also intends to revise its guidance for small and medium sized enterprises in FIRST AID AT WORK--your questions answered(INDG214). Both publications will be available for 1st October 2009. L74 will continue as a priced publication and INDG214 will be available as a free leaflet that can be downloaded from HSE website.

The first aid web pages of HSE's website will also be revised to take account of the changes.

Mary Dunkerley RGN Cert. Ed.


External Article Link: http://www.firstaidforall.co.uk/first_aid_news/first_aid_news.cfm?id=230

Article Link: http://www.firstaidforall.co.uk/first_aid_news/first_aid_news.cfm?id=230

Please contact the author at mary@firstaidforall.co.uk for more information.


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