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Article by: mhl@migranthelpline.org (Migrant Helpline) Published: 22/10/2009

Services at Borders Report

Migrant Helpline was pleased to represent the UK in a project with five other European NGO partners running services for asylum seekers at or close to border points. The project has now concluded and the full report is published and available to download. The project was led by the Italian Council for Refugees in collaboration with NGOs in Austria, Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK and aimed to:

* Increase information about existing services

* Improve co-operation between NGOs

* Recommend a common approach throughout the member states

* Arrive at a common approach regarding the implementation of EU legislation related to admission to the asylum procedure (reception, information & related services)

For the full report please follow the link below:


External Article Link: http://www.migranthelpline.org.uk/migrant_helpline_news/migrant_helpline_news.cfm?id=259

Article Link: http://www.migranthelpline.org.uk/migrant_helpline_news/migrant_helpline_news.cfm?id=259

Please contact the author at mhl@migranthelpline.org for more information.


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