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Article by: contactus@dreamsofturkey.co.uk (Doug Duffin) Published: 03/07/2010

Many buyers dont understand what their title deeds really say. This short article helps you to translate their true meaning.

With the influx of foreigners buying in Turkey it is REALLY important to understand exactly what you are buying and to check that your title deeds are correct.

In Turkey the deeds are called the Tapu and everything that you need to know is on this single certificate of ownership.

It is common, for example, in Turkey for developers to under value the property on the title deeds. This means that they pay a lot less on the sale to the Government but it also means that should you wish to sell within 5 years you will be hit by capital gains tax. This temptation should always be avoided despite developers of agents trying to tell you otherwise.

Here is a quick 'translation'of the Tapu :

The TAPU has to be sealed with a stamp in the central part at the bottom and this section has to be signed by a TAPU officer. The picture of all owners are to be suffixed to the top-right of the TAPU, it has to be sealed with a stamp and signed by the TAPU officer.

Meaning of the terms on a TAPU

The meanings of the terms appearing on a TAPU are as follows:

Term & Meaning

Ana Gayrimenkulun : Description, location and cadastral coordinates

of the main land

Ili : City

Ilçesi : Town

Mahallesi :District

Köyü : Village

Sokagi : Street

Mevkii : Area

Pafta No :Street number

Ada No : Plot/block number

Parsel No : Parcel number

Niteligi : Feature (whether it is a building land, vacant land, or cultivated land...)

Yüzölçümü : Area/size of the land (summation of the figures shown for the three pameters below should add up to the total size of the main land)

KAT MÜLKIYETI : Ownership of the independent unit which is ready to use (flat, house, office etc built on the main land)

KAT IRTIFAKI : Ownership of the independent unit which is not ready for use yet (either because of an on-going development/construction work or due to the fact that usage permit from the municipality has not been gathered yet)

DEVRE MÜLK : Fractional/timed ownership (the independent unit is owned just for a certain period of a year)

Bagimsiz Bölüm : Information about the Independent Unit (the property subject to the use such as a flat, house, etc) on the main land

Satis Bedeli : Actual purchase price of the property

Arsa Payi :Land share (what proportion of the land belongs to the independent unit)

Blok No : Block (Building, Mansion, Lodge, Court, House) Number

Kat No : Floor Number

Bagimsiz Blm : No Independent Unit Number

Edinme Sebebi :The reason why the property is being acquired (From whom to whom the property has been sold and any other relevant explanation)

Sahibi : Name(s) of the current owner(s) (More than one person can own the same property. In this case, their respective shares are to be shown in this section.

The respective shares are illustrated in terms of the proportion of the main land. For example, suppose that a flat which possess the ownership of 10/456 of the main land on which the complex is based and that the flat is to be owned by three person named AB, CD, and EF with shares of 20%, 30%, and 50%, respectively. Then, these names and their respective shares are shown on TAPU as follows:

AB: ab: 2/456 hisse,

CD: cd: 3/456 hisse,

EF: ef: 5/456 hisse,

where the word hisse means share and ab, cd, and ef are the names of fathers of those persons)


External Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=270

Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=270

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