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Article by: yapmgroup@gmail.com (Mr.E.TAN) Published: 27/01/2011

Foreign citizens are increasingly interested in purchasing property in Turkey particularly along the western coasts.

Turkey is considered to be one of the most famous hot spots in the overseas property market and without any doubt deserves its fame. Magnificent nature - blue warm sea, beautiful mountains and hills, always shining sun, friendly people.

Our professional team assists with legal side of buying (selling) real estate in Turkey, advises on options, prepares full package of documents needed to complete the deal, consults on further steps, including obtaining a title deed on purchased property from the government office ("tapu") and turkish residence permit, transfer utility bills in purchaser's name, maintenance of your property.

With option of giving us power of attorney the transfer of property can be completed without your presence on the territory of Turkey.

We offer professional help on any legal aspects of buying/selling property in Turkey and assist with 'building' your purchase contract, accompanied by all the necessary documents to ensure your rights and safety for the transaction.

For any inquiries please call: GSM +90-5333572203


External Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=286

Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=286

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