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Article by: info@premierinvestmentproperty.com (Mr.Clive Holt) Published: 17/01/2012

Investment Update - Brazil 2012

"Brazil has been adding 19 ‘millionaires’ per day since 2007 - and that statistic will likely be repeated over the next three years as Latin America’s economic super-power continues to deliver stellar GDP growth and consumption rates" [Forbes 2011]

» 6th largest economy in the world, replacing the United Kingdom

» International reserves now exceed $350bn, foreign trade has multiplied by a

factor of four, reaching half a trillion dollars in 2011

» Up to 40 million Brazilians have joined the middle class, now accounting for

50% of Brazil's 190 million population

Brazil’s booming real-estate industry has also generated huge wealth as property values

have doubled in recent years and are poised to increase further.

** Brazil's boom attracts Americans **

The United States and Europe may be in a slump, but Brazil's booming economy is attracting immigrants

< http://www.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/news/business-14728833 >


External Article Link: http://www.premierinvestmentproperty.com/News?id=372

Article Link: http://www.premierinvestmentproperty.com/News?id=372

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