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Article by: emmanuel@seekinternationalproperty.net (Emmanuel Adeyanju) Published: 22/02/2012

Property Investments in Tenerife

Property Investments in Tenerife

If you are seriously thinking about investing in property in Tenerife then here at SIP and Lupain we have designed a program to ensure that your investment in Tenerife property provides you with a worry free income and favourable return on your money. The program has proved to be extremely successful and very popular.

Many people travel here and fall in love with island and return home with a dream to own a property here. The climate of the island ensures that the weather here is dry and sunny for almost the entire year. This means that the island is a year round holiday destination, which is one the factors that makes this island so popular with tourists. Buying a property here such as a studio, apartment, villa, land or even a business has proved extremly popular and sucessful over the last few years and it looks set to continue in this fashion. Just imagine owning your own holiday home here and not having to worry about accommodation when planning to travel here. With our help we can make this dream a reality.

Investment periods are generally for between 15 and 18 months and the profit return in normal circumstances can be as high as 25% to 35% profit on your investment.

The availability of prime Tenerife property investment opportunities is limited, so please contact us today for comprehensive details of how our Tenerife Property Investor program works and current inventory available.

Investing in property in Tenerife over the years has always proved viable. With so many off plan property and new developments springing up all over the island its no wonder property investors have flocked to the island to invest.

SIP and Lupain have provided many investors with excellent returns on property investments over the years and we pride ourselves in our professional approach to property investments within our island. Rest assured we not only source the right investment for you but we feel and live the investment to ensure you return to us time after time.

A survey on Tenerife Property Buying which was published, showed statistics like, 60% of respondents said rental income was the most important factor in their decision to buying Tenerife Property and 21% said their Tenerife investment was intended as a retirement home. But the figures seem to tip toe past the most obvious reason of owning that apartment in Los Cristianos, the emotional reasons. It’s fun, romantic, an escape to the sun a dream come true for so many of us. That’s really why most foreigners buy property on


The problem is that when we put our sensible hats on, we are perfectly capable of evaluating an investment. We look at the historical capital growth in Tenerife Property over the last 20 years and use that as a basis for projecting our expected return. But with Tenerife properties, many of us use these figures simply to justify with our brain what our hearts are telling us to do.

But there is another breed of investor. These are people who have done their analysis and worked out that owning a property in Tenerife is a good investment that has outstripped banks, stocks & shares etc. They have worked out that the second home such as an apartment, house or villas, revolution means ownership is no longer reserved to the rich, but also of the financially savvy who make sure their investments stack up. The returns to be made on holiday property in Tenerife have markedly reduced the long term costs of owning a second home and made it a viable option for many people who would not otherwise have been able to afford it.


External Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=379

Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=379

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