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Article by: yana@homes4yrealestate.com (Yana Tarliuk)

Investments inDubai, the reasons to invest

The property acquisition in the UAE is not just a secure investment to save and beat the inflation but an opportunity to considerably augment your funds and receiving stable rental income returns.

The UAE is the place without any income or property taxes and, where the property can be purchased by foreign citizens on freehold basis.

The price justifies the quality when it comes to buying a property in Dubai. In the presence of a strong property purchasing legislation you enjoy safety, highly developed infrastructure, nearly tax-free environment, attractive rental revenue, price increase and a very favorable country location. And all that in the country of breeze and sunshine where luxury is a rule rather than an exception. The whole real estate development in the most favorable areas is either completed or will be completed by the coming 1-2 years and there is no forthcoming development in the near future. Therefore, in mid-term and long-term perspectives the crisis had had a positive effect Dubai’s real estate market, as the earlier announced real estate projects will not take place. This fact stimulates interest for already completed projects or the ones that are on the way to completion.

Advantages for the investments into real estate in the United Arab Emirates:

• High quality lifestyle and convenient location between Europe and Asia;

• Safety and Stability;

• Highly developed infrastructure for tourism, finances, entertainment and business;

• Reputable schools and universities;

• Crime-free environment;

• High demand on residential and commercial real estate (for end-consumers and for renting out);

• Freehold Property ownership rights;

• Secure return on investment;

• No tax most of types of the income;

• High potential for real estate price increase;

• Comprehensive legislation protecting investors’ interests.

Rental income is about 5-7% per annum after deduction of maintenance and management fees. At the same time the occupation of the properties is nearly 100%. There are nearly no taxes on rental income and sale if you decide to sell a property. The only tax is an insignificant tax of 5% on the average rental payment, which is paid by the tenant and therefore has no influence on rental income and investment return.

Registration of ownership title is processed in the central properties registry. There are no restrictions on citizenship and residency of the buyer for registration of property ownership.

Interests of real estate owners are protected by legislation both from the ownership and from landlord perspectives. There are practically no rental payment’s default cases due to strict and rigid sanctions applied by the government for payment defaulters. Most tenants are middle and senior management of large multinational corporations (logistics, banks, manufacturers, governmental establishments etc.), and the rent is often paid directly by the employers, which reduces the risk to zero.


External Article Link: http://http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=424

Article Link: http://http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=424

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