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Published: 08/11/2021

Make Sure Your Team Have The Knowledge And Skills To Prevent And Treat Workplace Accidents That Can Occur During The Winter. Learn First Aid For Work.

Be prepared for winter workplace accidents

The colder months in the UK bring with them extra challenges from a health and safety perspective in the workplace.

Slips, trips and falls are always a concern in the workplace (making up the highest percentage of non-fatal injuries in the workplace year on year according to HSE), resulting in sprains, strains and fractures. The addition of ice, cold and snow tends to bring them to the fore. It’s not just the cold though, uncleared fallen leaves can lead to slips and trips too. And slips, trips and falls can also lead to open wounds and bleeding that need immediate first aid.

The dark mornings, early dusk and darker days in general are also a contributory factor to workplace accidents during winter. As well as having fully trained first aiders on any site to provide immediate assistance to anyone who has an accident at work, it’s important to have good reporting mechanisms for faulty or insufficient lighting.

There’s a whole host of other issues that make winter a potentially more hazardous season in the workplace – including:

- Inclement weather leading to poor driving conditions which can lead to accidents.

- Strong winds and other adverse weather leading to more dangerous working conditions for anyone working outdoors.

In the event of an accident at work it’s crucial to have staff trained to deal with incidents as they occur. Regular updates to staff reminding them of common injuries in winter and how to minimise the risks make good business sense. Team briefings should also let people know who the trained first aiders are, and the trained first aiders need to ensure the first aid kit is accessible to those who need it and fully stocked with everything they need.

First Aid For All run a variety of courses on first aid in the workplace, for those new to a sector, new to first aid and those looking for a refresher course in first aid for the workplace. Our training is suitable for a variety of sectors, including large complex multi-site organisations and for those working both indoors and outdoors and in specialist sectors.

Get in touch today to find the right First Aid Training Courses for you and your staff and get winter first aid ready.


External Article Link: http://www.firstaidforall.uk/first_aid_news/first_aid_news.cfm?id=435

Article Link: http://www.firstaidforall.uk/first_aid_news/first_aid_news.cfm?id=435

Please contact the author at info@firstaidforall.uk for more information.


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